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Mastering Packages

Indie Pool Mastering:

*Turn time is up to 4 business days
**Revisions will be billed at an hourly rate

Level 1
“Basic” mastering – $249
With this package, we’ll make sure that your levels are maximized and your tracks are properly spaced for an affordable price and fast turn-time. The overall volume of your CD will be on par with other CDs on the shelves at music stores. If there are any small inconsistencies in the quality of your recording and you don’t have a busload of money to work with, Level 1 is perfect for you.

Level 2
“Polish” mastering – $349
This mastering package will give your mixes that added “polish” evident in professionally released albums. You get all the features of the Level 1 mastering PLUS each individual track is analyzed, discrepancies such as muddy frequencies are cleaned up and then leveled so that the album achieves the appropriate balance. Time is spent on rounding out and developing an overall clarity to all the tracks.

Joao Carvalho Mastering

**Turn times vary from 1 week to 2 weeks

Level 3
“Enhance” mastering – $449
This package gets you a basic volume maximizing and leveling at a high-end studio for an affordable price. Your tracks are analyzed and then levels are boosted to industry standard volumes and consistency.

Level 4
“Pro” mastering – $749
Level 4 will really give your music the boost you’re looking for. You get the full benefits of finely tuned instruments and ears in a professional mastering room. Perfect for the moderate budget, the “Punch Up” package may take a little longer than the less expensive packages, but state-of-the-art compression, limiting, equalizing, and processing are worth that extra time.

Level 5
“Platinum” mastering – $999
Major label quality mastering and attention. Collectively, the engineers pooled together here are some of the best in the world, and represent technical prowess on hundreds of platinum-selling albums. At this level, your album will be processed by the same kind of gear you’ll find in top New York and Los Angeles mastering studios.

Mastering – Samples

Sample 1 – BEFORE.mp3 by Indie Pool

Sample 1 – AFTER.mp3 by Indie Pool


Sample 2 – BEFORE.mp3 by Indie Pool

Sample 2 – AFTER.mp3 by Indie Pool


Sample 3 – BEFORE.mp3 by Indie Pool

Sample 3 – AFTER.mp3 by Indie Pool


Sample 4 – BEFORE.mp3 by Indie Pool

Sample 4 – AFTER.mp3 by Indie Pool


Sample 5 – BEFORE.mp3 by Indie Pool

Sample 5 – AFTER.mp3 by Indie Pool